Ashland Family Says Final Goodbye to Fallen Korean War Soldier

Edward "Buster" Marshall Morrison was Killed in Action July 8, 1950.

ASHLAND, Wis.- A veteran’s remains were returned home to Ashland 69 years after he was killed in the Korean War.

Edward Marshall Morrison, known as “Buster” to this family, was the first Wisconsin army personnel to pass way in the war.

Edward was 19 years old when he enlisted in the United States Army. In July of 1950, just three days into his Korean War battle, he was shot and killed.

“My grandparents never knew what happened to him,” Joe Yachinich said.

Using DNA testing, officials identified Edward’s missing body buried with thousands of other troops who were also killed in the war.

Joe was one of Edward’s nephews. He’s happy to finally know where his uncle’s body was after all these years.

“I feel really good for my mother and my sisters who are still living because they remember him,” Yachinich said.

Arthur Bjork was Edward’s brother–in–law.

“As far as my wife’s remembrance, when she would tell me about it, she says that he was a wonderful brother and that she loved him very much,” Bjork said.

He says the closure him and his wife feel now that Edward’s come home is bittersweet.

“This service that this military put on, it is mind blowing and it is awesome, and i’ll forever remember this,” Bjork said.

The Chequamegon Veteran’s Post and the U.S. Army made sure Edward was brought home to a traditional military funeral.

“When we sign on the dotted line, we all make that commitment that should it come to be, we’re all willing to die for this country– for the red, white and blue and that’s what it’s about, and that’s what he did,” Keith Tveit, Quarter Master for the Chequamegnon Veteran’s Post said.

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