Lake Superior Zoo Crew Showcases Work with Animals

Teen summer program shares all they learned throughout the ten weeks.

DULUTH, Minn.- For 10 weeks every summer, area teens learn how to handle and care for animals alongside Lake Superior Zookeepers, and teach visitors about wildlife and conservation.

On Tuesday the Zoo Crew showed off all they do at the Zoo, along with what they’ve learned this summer.

For some Zoo Crew members who want to become veterinarians, the program is more than just a summer activity.

“We learn about more exotic animals and what you really see if you just go and shadow a local vet,” said 2nd year member Elizabeth Perelman.

“So you learn about how to take care of them, if there’s any health issues you can always ask a Zookeeper and they’ll tell you more about it and just gives you more responsibility as well.”

The teens showed visitors different animals like snakes and guinea pigs that they’ve been learning how to handle.

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