Still Time to Get Back to School Vaccinations

DULUTH, Minn. – Doctor’s offices in the Northland are also keeping busy as more parents are lining up appointments to get their kids vaccinated before the school year begins.

The type of vaccinations needed varies by age, but most vaccinations are given before a child enters kindergarten.

Some of the most common vaccines are measles and tetanus, but if you are unsure of what vaccines your child may have had don’t worry there is a way to find out.

“There is now a state registry for all the vaccines that have been given within the state. If it was given in a different city it will probably be in the registry and we can look up the registry and find out if someone has had them,” said Dr. Steven Carlson.

Some vaccinations are required for kids to start school.

If parents are against getting their kids vaccinated, they must fill out a waiver, but it is up to the school to decide if that child can attend school.

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