Superior Middle and High Schools Will Give Girls Free Feminine Products

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior School District is tackling an issue known as “period poverty.”

It is a topic that impacts women and girls who may not have access to feminine products.

Studies have shown one in five girls will miss school because they cannot afford feminine products.

This school year students at Superior Middle and High School will now have access to free menstrual products in all bathrooms.

The Superior school board approved the initiative to offer the supplies after it was brought up in a board meeting last week.

The original idea came about after School board Vice President Christina Kintop read an article about a similar program implemented by the Boston school district.

From that article she learned this is an issue that can really impact the students.

“After reading the article, I was kind of embarrassed to say I didn’t know this was an issue. And that it even existed,” said Kintop. “When I would start talking to people about this and they would say we supply toilet paper and soap for hygiene needs in our schools. Why wouldn’t we supply feminine products for girls.”

The goal of the initiative is also to eliminate the stigma around the topic of menstruation.

It is also a better way to provide girls with more privacy.

The school will use part of the building budget which pays for the toilet paper and soap to fund the feminine products.

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