UMD Move-In Starts Thursday

UMD and surrounding residents are preparing for the thousands of extra people on campus.

DULUTH, Minn. – Moving into freshman year and living away from home for the first time can be stressful for parents and students, but UMD is prepared to deal with the growing pains and help make the transition smooth.

“One of the most important things for parents to know is we are here for them we’re here for their students we are here for them as families. It can be a tough time dropping off a student sometimes especially if it’s their first child to go to college and so this is a welcoming place we are excited to have their students here,” said Corbin Smyth, the associate vice chancellor of student life at UMD.

One father is dropping off his first child at college and he decided to drive his family up to Duluth a day early to help get their freshmen ready for life on campus and in the city.

“It’s a big enough campus, we are from a pretty small town, and it just is to kind of get acclimated to where everything is at, the lay of the town a little bit, that’s kind of why we’re up,” said Chad Overgaard, who is dropping his first child off at college this weekend.

Elsewhere on campus, the UMD bookstore is ready with extra staffing and goods for the onslaught of students and parents grabbing thousands of books and new Bulldog gear.

“It’s been a lot of fun, we are really anxious to have the students back here. A lot of extra staffing in just to make sure we’ve got everything set up, all of our course materials ready for the courses, all of apparel ready for students to buy and show their UMD pride,” says Jeff Romano, the director of UMD stores.

During move-in houses lining campus are given UMD signs welcoming kids to campus.

The school says it is important for the students to feel comfortable in their new home.

“It sends a message that the community is excited about students being here. The university is such a part of Duluth and Duluth is such a part of the university that they go hand in hand so it’s a great way to say we are excited you’re here, welcome to being here,” says Smyth.

Although move-in is a relatively well-oiled machine, it is still a buys time for Duluth residents around the college who have to prepare ahead of time for the extra traffic.

“I already told my roommates we should probably go out and make sure we have some food. I think we might have a couple lawn chairs we might just sit out here and watch . The police department is really good about letting everyone know what’s going on to make sure everyone is a little extra smart on move-in days because there are so many extra people around,” says Sydney Walter, a off campus resident and junior at UMD.

As parents drop off their kids for a new adventure, they are going to be leaving them with bits of wisdom.

“Be safe, behave, study, and spread your wings and fly,” says Overgaard.

For anyone driving to UMD move-in the administration wants them to drive into campus on the Junction Avenue entrance for the best and easiest flow of traffic.


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