Veterans Get Job Opportunities

47 employers from around the Northland gave veterans and their spouses job opportunities Tuesday

DULUTH, Minn.- The largest veteran career fair in the Twin Ports was held today, where talented individuals get their opportunity at a job now that they are back home.

All the qualifications that a member of the military learns is exactly what employers where looking for today. Leadership, teamwork, and integrity are just some of the things construction, healthcare and utility representatives look for most at career fairs like this one.

CareerForce representatives say helping veterans out is why they do their job.

“As soon as they get out if they are returning veteran or getting out of service or if they are just moving from a state to state we are their first contact for all things employment. If they are looking for it, we can work with them”, said Tim Trumbull, Northeast Minnesota Veteran Employment Representative.

One veteran we spoke with, who was looking for a job as a scrum master, has a tougher time because of how unique his job is. But what he learned over his 8 1/2 years as an Army Reserve has him ready for anything.

“As a veteran many people think well that doesn’t really have much to do with what we need but if you pay attention and you care enough about to look at what we have done, we can do anything”, said Duane Girard.

The event was put on by the CareerForce and MACV and hosted by The Depot. For more information on if you are a veteran looking for a job in the Northland, click here.

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