Thousands of Students Move Into UMD Residence Halls

DULUTH, Minn.- Move in day is an exciting time as the parents are dropping their kids off and these new Bulldogs start their journey on campus

On this busy day cars lined up outside Lake Superior and Griggs residence Halls.

Each car filled to the top, has the essentials every newbie could ever need to get through the school year.

And like a well–oiled machine the thousands of students were quickly off to getting settled in.

This year nearly 3,000 new and returning students officially moved onto campus.

And the Chancellor has a special message for the incoming students.

“Try to have a good plan of action. Even if you might change your major two or three times you need goals and you need to be as focused as you can be,” said Chancellor Lendley Black. “I encourage them to work hard and show up for class.”

This may be the first time many of the students are leaving their families.

But their overall energy includes a lot of excitement to get the school year off to a good start.

Classes begin on Monday.

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