MN Department of Public Safety Hosts Listening Sessions to Build Trust With Community

DULUTH, Minn.- Members of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety have been traveling around the state on a listening tour to get community input.

The DPS is conducting these listening sessions to answer the question of what type of men and women should be hired to increase the level of trust in law enforcement

On this tour The DPS  has visited all eight congressional districts just to answer that question.

They are actively engaging the community to learn what characteristics are best suited when hiring for the Minnesota State Patrol, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and Alcohol and Gambling enforcement officers.

“I think the community is looking for the ability to come to law enforcement in order to be heard. Com and get help when they need help or advice if they need advice,” said Captain Charles Lemon of the Minnesota State Patrol. “I don’t think law enforcement duties mean taking people into custody, giving citations, or dealing with them on the criminal justice side of it.”

DPS is also hoping to work on the community relationship before trust between law enforcement could ever be broken.

“We have a high level of trust but trust can always be more. It’s like if you have a iPhone 10 X and then the next one comes out, so you can’t just keep things the way they are. Over time you have to keep improving,” said Assistant Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Booker Hodges.

Once all opinions are gathered at the listening sessions, the DPS will also meet with law enforcement to get their perspective.

DPS will also host a follow–up meeting sometime next year to explain how all the community input was used in the hiring process.

The community will also get a chance to meet with those newly hired officers.

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