College Students Give Businesses a Big Boost

DULUTH, Minn. -Many colleges and universities in the Twin Ports have already welcomed thousands of students back to campus.

Thanks to the return of thousands of students many businesses in the area are already feeling the impacts.

Many students at University of Minnesota Dulut have already been on campus for a few days now.

“I love school so it’s a great. I have been kind of looking forward to it for a while and get out of the constant working and back at homework.”

But the first day of classes is when the campus is flooded with nearly three thousand new and returning students.

“From almost nobody being here to the hallways being absolutely full and the parking lots full and students all over campus,” said Kirby Student Center Director Jeni Eltink.

Not only are students flooding campuses.

They are also taking over the Twin Ports and giving many businesses in the area a big boost.

We stopped by one business very familiar to having students as a big part of their customer base

“It’s great. An Influx of students is always good for any kind of economy,” said General Manager Shane Verber. “Jimmy Johns was started on a campus in Illinois. When we get students and the influx of them its great, everything always goes more positive.”

Enrollment has been over ten thousand for the past couple of years.

The only downside is when students are off for the summer businesses like Jimmy Johns can lose thousands of students as regular customers.

Some businesses in the area tell us they typically see around a fifty percent spike in revenue when college students return to campus

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