Knowing Your Neighbors: New London Road Store Sells a Little Bit of Everything

New store sells items from estate sales, cleanouts.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sometimes you just need somewhere to put all the things you don’t need anymore. Well “S&J’s Everything” on London Road can help, giving new meaning to the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

“Our niche is if we don’t have it we can get it. If we can’t get it, you don’t need it,” said co-owner Scott Olson.

Scott and Jackie Olson stock their new store with inventory from a variety of different sources you might not expect.

“We do cleanouts and estate sales, we do a lot of donations, local community, savers, goodwill, and fire victims, flood victims, foreclosures-people that get their house foreclosed on,” Scott said.

They have so much extra astuff from the estate sales and cleanouts that the needed a place to sell it all.

“Facebook and craigslist, stuff like that could only produce so much, so many customers where we need a place where people can come in that aren’t on Facebook or craigslist really like that,” said Scott.

So they opened S&J’s Everything and sure enough, Scott said, the customers came.

“With the prices of new furniture going through the roof and a lot of people not having that extra money and people wanting quality solid wood products instead of pressboard.”

Walking into the store, odds are you’ll find Jackie or Scott in deep conversation with their customers like their longtime friends.

“We really pride ourselves on knowing people,” Jackie Olson said. “We like to get to know the customers that come through the door and y’know we’re like a big family.”

“We like to treat people like family and welcome, yeah make them feel at home.”

They hope that with their new store, they can help people in the community.

“A good service, family run business where we can offer a service people are in need of,” said Jackie.

Help with finding those odds and ends items in one place.

“We’re S&J’s Everything ’cause we have everything and we’ve bought and sold a little bit of everything,” Scott said.

If you’d like Scott and Jackie’s services for an estate sale or cleanout of your home or business, give them a call at (218) 341-2102, or stop in to the store at 1702 London Road.

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