Local Red Cross Prepares Team to Help with Hurricane Dorian Impact

The Northland red cross prepares their emergency response vehicle for Dorian.

DULUTH, Minn.- In the days before hurricane Dorian’s touchdown in Florid, the local red cross chapter in Duluth is preparing for the worst.

A team of volunteers is getting their emergency response car ready just in case those impacted by the hurricane need help.

There’s still no exact word on the predicted impact hurricane Dorian will have, but if the storm gets to a category 3 or higher, the Northland red cross will be on the road by this weekend before storm touchdown on Monday.

There have been 11 Minnesota volunteers deployed to help with the storm so far. While none come from the Northland, the red cross expects that to change if the forecast continues as expected.

Red cross officials tell Fox the best thing they can do is prepare in advance of the storm because waiting for the hurricane to hit could be too late.

“One of the big things about this hurricane is that it’s been over 30 years, I believe, since a hurricane this size has hit that part of Florida. Part of it is making sure we’ve got good connections with our local officials on the ground, that everyone’s communicating well before the disaster hits,” American Red Cross of Northern Minnesota executive director Dan Williams said.

Officials say they don’t need people to donate things or gently used items. The best thing people can do to help right now is donate money to the red cross or other local response teams.

They’re also always looking for more volunteers to train for future disaster relief.

The Duluth red cross has been in contact with organizations like Husky and Maurice’s who have regional locations near where the storm is expected to hit. They say this is another way they can keep eyes on the area and be ready to help anyone who may be affected by the hurricane.

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