Labor Day Gas Prices Likely to be the Lowest in Years

Current average gas price is $2.57.

DULUTH, Minn. – Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.

And many travelers are packing up to hit the road for one last vacation.

Good news for them gas prices are likely to be the lowest they’ve be in years for the holiday weekend.

AAA says the current average price for gas in the U.S is around 2.57.

That’s the lowest in the last three years during Labor Day weekend.

Gas stations across the Northland have been packed with cars and travelers.

Many stopped in to stock up on snacks.

But others are just there to take advantage of the better gas prices before getting to the fun filled long weekend.

“We are having our annual sisters weekend up on the North Shore. We’re going to meet our fifth sister in Hovland,” said Bonnie Shotliff.

Currently drivers are paying a quarter less than they did in 2018 and about four cents less than 2017 during Labor Day.

AAA says strong U.S. oil production rates are the reason for the falling gas prices.

“That’s great. We love saving money especially with travel. We have two big dogs, so we are always looking to save money. We’re happy,” said Leeza Kuznetsova.

Gas prices are expected to stay low going into the weekend, but there is still a chance the prices will go up.

The increase in demand could cause the prices to rise slightly.

After Labor Day refineries typically make the switch from a summer blend to winter blend, which is less expensive.


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