Prosecutor’s Office Clears Officers in Fatal Ashland Shooting

ASHLAND, Wis. – A prosecutor’s office in Ashland County has cleared law enforcement officers of any wrongdoing in the May 22 fatal officer involved shooting.

According to authorities, on May 22 U.S. Marshal Officers and local law enforcement attempted to arrest 33-year-old Joseph Tedrick who had a federal warrant.

While attempting to apprehend Tedrick, he entered a vehicle and struck and pushed a U.S. Marshall’s vehicle towards law enforcement.

As Tedrick was attempting to flee the scene with the vehicle, officers saw him handling a firearm.

The officers fired their weapons at the vehicle striking and killing Tedrick in the car.

Tedrick was pronounced dead at the scene.

District Attorney David Meany released his findings on Friday writing, “I have concluded, based on my review of the investigative report, that there is no evidence that a crime has been committed

in Ashland County in relation to this incident. The use of deadly force by the law enforcement officers, who fired their weapons, DUSM Emily Krueger, SDUSM Jeremy Loesch, and USMS TFO

Alex Jaeger, was justified under the circumstances. In addition, I have found no evidence of a crime committed by any other law enforcement officer involved in this incident. Our office therefore

does not intend to file or pursue any criminal charges in this matter.

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