Northern Star: Eric Watson

For this week's Northern Star, we highlight a UWS men's soccer player with high expectations for the upcoming season.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – For University of Wisconsin-Superior senior Eric Watson, this upcoming season will be a big one for the Yellowjackets men’s soccer team.

“The publishings that come out or the stories that come out about us, it’s all extra on top of it. A little bit of the cherry on top. But I think really if we’re being truthful with each other, we’re really more focused on what we want to accomplish as a group,” said Watson.

It could also be a record–breaking one too as Watson is within striking distance of all–time goals and points scored at UWS.

“I don’t think to him is all about the records. He could finish the year with zero points and if we achieve what we’re supposed to as a team, I think he’ll be just as happy,” head coach Joe Mooney said.

“I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t really look at the materialistic aspects or the achievements. They’re nice, but at the end of the day, I think the group has greater objectives and greater goals,” said Watson.

And those records belong to former UWS star and current assistant coach Jon Bucklew.

“I am so excited for him. It’s an awesome opportunity for him. It’s a great way to reward a guy like him,” said Bucklew.

“Whether it’s me or the next jewel after me that reaches those targets, I think they’ll all someone to look up to in Jon Bucklew,” Watson said.

But the individual accolades are secondary to Watson’s goal of making another deep run in the NCAA playoffs for his last hurrah with the Yellowjackets.

“I’m not one to look towards the end. If you look towards the end, you miss where you are now. And I think that us as a class we try to embody that and live every session and every moment together because at the end of the day, collegiate sports is pretty special but you only get four years,” said Watson.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without him and I think it’s going to continue to live on. I think these guys see what an incredible man he is and what an incredible leader he is. I don’t think there’s anything that tells me that it’s going to stop anytime soon once he’s gone,” Mooney said.

“A lot of us will not be continuing on an athletic endeavor. Some of us will be hoping to do so. But it’s a pretty unique experience and I’m hoping that we can all enjoy the last ride together,” said Watson.

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