Proctor High School Hires First Resource Officer in Nearly a Decade

Amid school shootings across the country, Proctor School Board and City agree on Police Presence.

PROCTOR, Minn.- It’s the second day of school at Proctor High School, but the hallways will look a little different this year.

A new school resource officer (SRO) is now protecting the school for the first time in nearly 10 years.

On Tuesday the Proctor City Council discussed with the School Board to not only assign a primary officer, but several cycling through throughout the year from the Proctor Police Department.

According to Proctor High Principal Tim Rohweder, the school stopped having a Resource Officer eight or nine years ago because the Proctor PD was short-staffed.

But with increased mass shootings in schools, and practices like vaping becoming more common among teens, the City and the School Board are bringing back Proctor’s police presence.

“School violence and shootings and things like that so as a community making sure our students are safe and making sure our students are protected is our #1 priority,” Rohweder said. “One thing that’s at the forefront of people’s minds that’s common in schools right now is vaping–and dealing with some of these things a little more strict and a little more severe.”

The school’s first Resource Officer is Sergeant Tim Redfield, who said after two days on the job, he is excited to continue working with staff and students to make the halls safer.

“Securing the building, making sure that it’s an environment where students can focus on their academic goals,” said Redfield. “I think that an important role of the SRO too is to foster positive relationships with the students.”

And those relationships may inspire some students, as the school is also starting a pathways program for students interested in careers in Law Enforcement.

They will be able to partner with the Resource Officer and other officers at the school, to learn more about their jobs.

The Proctor School District and the City came to an agreement that the school pays $25,000 of the Resource Officer’s salary for the first year.

Then the two parties will sit again to make a new plan going forward.

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