Construction Delays Now Impacting Athletic Events

Duluth's Public School Stadium track completion date is now being pushed back due to mother nature

DULUTH, Minn.- Mother nature is causing delays for one of the Duluth School Districts major construction projects, and the delays are now impacting some athletic events.

When the Duluth Public School Stadium was built back in the early 2000’s school officials knew the track surface would have to be re-done in about 18 years.

Fast forward to today, and construction on that track is on-going, which is causing the school to move practices and games to other facilities. Due to recent heavy rain in the Northland, the third and fourth flood coat needs ten dry days so the project can be completed.

Now, tracks are often built in a years time, but Denfeld hoped it could be finished in just a summer by starting it early, but mother nature had other plans.

“We started early, we started in May and we had planned and hoped to be done by late August which would’ve put us right in line with practices starting and games starting but the weather just didn’t cooperate and didn’t allow the synthetic contractor to arrive in time to meet that late August, early September time frame”, said David Spooner, Duluth Public School Manager of Facilities.

As of right now, St. Scholastica has had to move their game this weekend to UMD, Denfeld football is playing their home games at Proctor and they boys and girls soccer team has been playing at the middle school. It’s been a challenge to find places to move all these events.

“It’s getting difficult now. August 12th until prior to school starting was pretty easy. Coaches have been great, kids have been great but now we are into the school year and everything is condensed so now it’s a little bit tougher to get everyone to a safe site and a practice facility after school”, said Tom Pearson, Activities Director at Denfeld High School.

The facilities manager tells us that the track will be completed no later than September 21st. The hope is for games to be played at Public School Stadium starting the week after that.

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