The Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality Hosts Public Hearing at UWS

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Water quality was a big topic as Wisconsin lawmakers visited the University of Wisconsin– Superior to discuss ways of protecting water quality.

A special task force joined those lawmakers to hear the community input on how to better improve water quality in Wisconsin.

The Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality has been on a statewide tour to get the community’s feedback.

Superior was the last of 11 stops on their agenda.

The main goal of these public hearings is to gain a better understanding of what water quality issues are impacting different regions in Wisconsin.

The task force is also hoping to to figure out possible solutions.

“Its important because this water effects everybody in the state of Wisconsin. This is one of the very good task force going around the state to me sure we are hearing what the concerns are,” said State Representative Rob Summerfield.

Drinking water having high nitrates is a major concern for many residents.

The continued use of lead pipes has also been a hot topic.

One community member says it’s going to take more than the task force to help solve these problems.

She believes more community involvement is needed.

“I think that we are all connected. We are connected to the water, to the soil, to the air. All of us need to think about the future,” said Kathryn McKenzie.

The next step is for the lawmakers to take all the ideas and concerns back to Madison to hopefully begin drafting new policies to address water quality issues.

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