Duluth Firefighters Train For the Unexpected

The Duluth Fire department typically does these realistic drills at least five times every year.

DULUTH, Minn. – It is not uncommon for many firefighters to gain much of their experience from real life scenarios faced on the job.

But the Duluth Fire Department is ensuring their firefighters are prepared beforehand.

This week Duluth firefighters have been going through realistic training to learn how to better handle job duties like search and rescue.

Essentia Health was nice enough to let the fire department use a building on Superior Street, which will soon be torn down to build the new Vision Northland complex.

It’s the first time the department has been able to train in a structure like this building.

And the department believes training for different scenarios in various settings can be very beneficial to how they save lives.

“The breath of what we have to be knowledgeable and experienced with has expanded so much that it is easy for certain things to potentially fall through the cracks,” said firefighter Dave Werner. “So for us to hone these skills in a realistic setting like this makes us just that much better.

For some situations the only way firefighters get their experience is through real life fire calls.

The Fire Captain says these trainings are a safer approach when dealing with unfamiliar circumstances.

“The best part about this is its not actually a live fire scenario. We have eliminated the life safety problems. We’re going to have less injuries,” said Fire Captain Tom Guntzburger.

“It’s a safer environment so we can learn more don’t have to worry about being those bad environments,” Guntzburger continues.

The Duluth Fire department typically does these realistic drills at least five times every year.

The fire department works with St. Louis County to find structures to hold their training sessions.

But if any residents are planning to tear down their homes, the fire department says they can always use any available for training purposes.

The number to the Duluth Fire department is 218-730-4394.

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