Adas Israel Congregation Synagogue Will Be Demolished, Possibility Of Rebuilding Uncertain

DULUTH, Minn. — The Adas Israel Congregation synagogue will be demolished after the investigation into the fire is complete, and the answer to the question of if it will be rebuilt is still up the air, according to a member of the board of directors with the synagogue.

“We are a very small congregation so our need for space is minimal and fractional in comparison to the size of the destroyed building,” Mike Baddin, one of the members on the board, said in a message to FOX21.

Adas’ congregation is made up of 75 members, according to the St. Paul Jewish Federation website.

Baddin added that the board has not yet had a formal meeting since the fire, so no future rebuilding plans have been talked about yet.

The synagogue was built in 1889, and before the fire, was the only remaining Orthodox synagogue left in Duluth.

He said at least a half dozen Torah scrolls were preserved from fire damage, but others were lost. A menorah was also saved.

There were also seven or eight paintings donated to the synagogue that suffered from smoke and water damage on the backs of the frames, but otherwise appear to be okay.

The original charter document was also preserved, and the memorial plaques that display names of Adas Israel synagogue members who have passed away are mostly intact.

The Torah scrolls, prayer books, and other items with holy significance that were damaged by the fire will be buried instead of thrown away, as is tradition in the Jewish faith.

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