Catalyst Content Festival to Bring Hundreds of TV Executives, Creators to Duluth

Festival organizers say the event could be the beginning of a year-round film and TV industry in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – In October, the Catalyst Content Festival will bring a hundred TV executives and hundreds more producers from Hollywood to Downtown Duluth.

At the festival, people will watch never-before-seen shows made all around the world.

The Catalyst Content Festival, formerly called the Independent TV Festival, chose Duluth as its home over every other city in America because it has the right combination of available theater seats and community support.

From October 9th through 13th, organizers plan to flood Superior Street venues with TV industry executives and content creators.

They say the content is just the first step in what they believe can be the beginning of a year-round film and TV industry centered in Duluth.

“The biggest expense for most producers when they leave LA or New York is they have to travel out all of their cast and crew, but to be able to show there is existing crew base and existing vendors and existing infrastructure here, that actually makes Minnesota and Duluth much more attractive for consideration for future productions,” said Catalyst Executive Director Philip Gilpin, Jr.

About ten percent of shows selected for this year’s festival were made in Minnesota.

Riki McManus, director of the Upper Minnesota Film Office, believes after producers come to Catalyst, they will fall in love with Duluth.

“I just can’t think they wouldn’t want to shoot something wonderful here because of the amazing backdrop that we have and we also have the crew and the facilities and the support staff to support a production coming here,” said McManus.

Friday night, Catalyst is holding a free preview event at the College of Saint Scholastica featuring trailers of many shows selected this year.

In less than a month, the festival begins.

Single-day tickets start at $35. Week-long passes start at $145.

Anybody’s welcome, and the festival will end with a red carpet awards show at the Greysolon Ballroom in Downtown Duluth.

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