Vigil Held for Missing Northland Woman Sheila St. Clair

Indigenous woman missing since 2015 still being looked for by Police, family.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s been four years since 48-year-old Sheila St. Clair of Duluth went missing, and Duluth Police say the case is still open.

Today the members of the indigenous community and the Duluth Police Department met for a press conference at One Roof Community Housing to hear any possible tips into the woman’s whereabouts.

They also met to keep the memory of St. Clair alive.

“It’s very important. Her family wants her back, the community wants her back. I will do this until she is found,” Shawn Carr, organizer with Idle No More, said.

“I just don’t want people to forget. I’m not going to forget, and her families certainly not gonna forget.”

St. Clair’s disappearance joins the growing number of missing and murdered indigenous women across the country.

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken while the day was devoted to St. Clair, it’s important to remain aware of the larger issue.

“We came her to, for awareness not just about Sheila’s case but also to talk more broadly, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls,” Chief Tusken said.

“Recently there’s legislation that past that is gonna study why it is there are so many Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls. So that’s probably more of a broad part of the story but really today it’s about Sheila St. Clair.”

The last confirmed sighting of St. Clair was at the Cascade Apartments on West 3rd Street.

Anyone with any information on St. Clair’s whereabouts are asked to contact Duluth Police as the case is still open.

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