UMD Students Get Opportunity To Meet With Future Employers

Freshmen to seniors, students filled the Kirby Ballroom to meet local employers

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s been a big day fro UMD students looking to make some professional connections. They got the chance to meet with employers about possible internships and job opportunities.

Everyone from freshmen to soon to be graduating seniors were invited to this special job fair. The students filled the Kirby Ballroom meeting with employers from both Minnesota and Wisconsin. UMD officials call this an opportunity students shouldn’t miss out on.

“In both accounting and finance a lot of what you learn in the classroom is theoretical, but by getting a chance to get into an internship you get to actually work with clients, work with a company do different things in a way that’s much more hands on than we can necessarily deliver in class”, said Randy Skalberg Department Head & Associate Professor of Accounting.

“You drive down the road and see all these billboards of these big companies. You see offices here and there but you don’t really get to see a face and the personal experience you have is just phenomenal”, said Bryce Roufs, Junior at UMD studying Financial Planning.

Monday’s event featured employers in the accounting and finance fields. A total of 38 companies ranging from small to large took part.

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