Duluth Airport Seeks Public Input on Vision 2040 Master Plan

Investments into Airport improvements through 2030 estimated at $70 million.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth International Airport has kicked off the first phase of its Vision 2040 Master Plan, and officials want the public’s feedback on what the plan should address.

They held an open house meeting at the airport on Tuesday, inviting members of the public, business leaders, government officials, and aviation workers to hear and share about the plan.

In the opening presentation Airport Executive Director Tom Werner said the last time a master plan was introduced, there was no such thing as Uber or Lyft.

Now with more and more people dependent on those apps to get around, the need for a new master plan arises.

At the open house different boards were set up for people to share their answers to questions like “How do you use DLH?” and “What concerns do you have?”

Werner told FOX21 the public process is crucial for a successful airport in the future.

“We want to talk to the public early and often,” he said. “This is our first open house but it certainly not the last. As we develop plans, preliminary plans, we’ll get back in front of the public for their input on them.”

“Talking some of the development needs we have coming down the pipe and engaging input on that as well.”

While the plan is still in the beginning phase, some focus areas have been identified: repairing Runway 321, the Taxiway Network, replacing the Air Traffic Control Tower, and other development and redevelopment areas. All of which are said to be past their useful life.

Some general flyers at the open house shared what else they’d like to see changed.

“If they could get airlines in that would go to warmer destinations,” said Pat Hendrickson, a resident of Grand Lake. “And as far as the infrastructure with the runways, everything like that. It’s just some of the things that need to be fixed.”

The investment in improvement in the airport through 2030 is estimated to be about $70 million.

The master plan is fully funded by the FAA, MnDOT, and the Airport Authority itself.

If you would like to get involved in the 2040 Master Plan, visit the Airport’s website.

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