OMC Owner Opening New Cocktail Lounge

What initially was an OMC expansion is now a separate business.

DULUTH, Minn.- The owner of Lincoln Park businesses OMC Smokehouse, Duluth Grill, Corktown Deli and Taco Arcada is opening up a new business right next door to OMC.

“Noble Pour”, as it will be called, will be a craft cocktail lounge on West Superior Street featuring local craft beverages and beverages made in house.

Owner Tom Hanson says the idea was popular 50 to 60 years ago, but is now making a comeback, and the craft district is the perfect setting for it.

“Lincoln Park has kinda guided us it’s become just a really fun area to see the development and it’s been more about the revitalization than it is about the drive to have this many projects happening,” Hanson said. “It’s just really to bring this big city vibe to Duluth.”

“Noble Pour” is expected to open in November.

Hanson was originally going to simply expand OMC into the neighboring building, but felt it was a better fit to add another option to the Lincoln Park Craft District.

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