UMD Students Simulate How to Immigrate for Constitution Day

"Immigration Simulation" takes kids through the struggles of our country's immigration process.

DULUTH, Minn.- September 17th is federally recognized as Constitution and Citzenship Day. Tuesday at UMD, some students had an experience that shows what it’s like when you’re trying to get into the United States as an immigrant.

“A Mile in their Shoes, an Immigration Simulation” allowed students to mimic going through the immigration process both legally and illegally.

Stations included border entry an ICE facility and immigration court.

Organizers of the experience said they hope students can see what needs to change in the immigration process and empathize with immigrants for what they experience.

“The thesis with this challenge–you might get deported, you might die in the process really demonstrates the need for that change,” Instructor Kevin Swanberg said.

“And helps people realize that there are real people going through these things.”

The simulation was run by UMD’s College of Liberal Arts Program.


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