Court Suspends Two Polymet Permits

On Wednesday afternoon, the Minnesota Court of Appeals suspended Polymet’s permit to mine and dam safety permits for its proposed $1 billion copper-nickel mine near Babbitt.

The permits will be discussed at an Oct. 23 hearing.  That’s when the “DNR shall be prepared to advise the court on the status of post-permit developments, including its evaluation of the Brumadinho dam failure and its consideration of whether Glencore will be added as a co-permittee,” the court statement reads.

The Court also noted that “[r]elators raise serious, justifiable concerns about the ongoing regulation of the NorthMet project, and we agree that the post-permit circumstances that Relators have identified require close attention, review, and action by the DNR and other permitting authorities.”

“As the Court of Appeals stated, DNR needs to conduct a full-scale review of the connection between the Brumadinho dam collapse and PolyMet’s dam, and also needs to fully review whether Glencore should be added to the permit. With three permits suspended and three investigations ongoing, it’s time for Governor Walz to take this matter seriously and tell his DNR to hold public hearings to ensure that Minnesotans are protected,” said Aaron Klemz, spokesman for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.

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