Government Officials Honor Duluth Veterans Cemetery with Dedication Ceremony

The Duluth Veterans Cemetery is the 3rd dedicated cemetery in Minnesota

SAGINAW, Minn.-┬áMinnesota’s 3rd veterans cemetery was dedicated in Saginaw Saturday afternoon by state and national representatives.

In February 2016, the project to build a 104 acre veterans cemetery began.

In 2018, the cemetery was opened for use.

And on Saturday, the cemetery was recognized by elected officials as sacred ground.

“In this nation we may disagree, but when it comes time to honor what we stand for, we stands as one. And in a time when they try to find ways that everybody polls and they try to put somebody in a white hat and somebody in a black hate and one state red and one state blue, when you drive through those gates, that all goes away,,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said.

Gov. Walz was just one government official to honor Northland veterans in a dedication ceremony for the Duluth Veterans Cemetery.

“The state coming here and the official dedication of this, that’s the manifestation of how important we think this is,” Gov. Walz said.

It’s now the 3rd dedicated veterans cemetery in the state after the Preston and Little Falls locations in central and southern Minnesota.

“When this next cemetery is fully developed through all its phases, it will accommodate over 32 thousand veterans,” Larry Herke with the Minnesota Dept. of Veterans Affairs said.

The dedication was a way to memorialize the sacrifice Northland veterans made.

It’s a promise to their loved ones that their legacy will never be forgotten.

“Not only will those who are laid here to rest, not only will they be honored, not only will they be revered for their service and their sacrifice, but i know that this community and this state will speak their names and tell their stories so that it can carry on for future generations,” Randy Reeves with the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs said.

Gov. Walz says its our responsibility to take care of the cemetery until the end of time.

“As long as this nation is on the earth, we will stand and protect this hollowed ground,” Walz said.

The Duluth Veterans Cemetery will serve as the site where veterans can have a proper ceremonial military burial for many years to come.

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