A Story of Hope and Inspiration: Jeff LeMay Returns to the Sideline

Jeff LeMay was in a coma for over a week, but now is back on the sideline with the Saints football team

DULUTH, Minn.- A story of hope and inspiration as one St. Scholastica athlete was honored this weekend.

Jeff LeMay who was hit by a vehicle almost two months ago while crossing the street, is now up, walking, and even got to join his teammates for the first time since the accident at the homecoming football game.

Back on July 31st, St. Scholastica two-sport athlete Jeff LeMay was struck by a minivan near 19th Avenue East and London Road in Duluth, which left him in a coma until August 9th.

LeMay, filled with tubes and wires all over his body while in the hospital is now back with his teammates for the first time walking without crutches as he was honored during “Jeff LeMay Day” at St. Scholastica’s homecoming game against Crown.

LeMay who also plays on the baseball team, spent the first two weeks of senior year watching from home and made his triumphant return Saturday.

“It’s awesome to see a whole bunch of people that I have been missing out on a little bit”, said LeMay.

The Saints name LeMay an honorary captain and this season they will wear decals of #29 on the back of their helmets.

“That’s really special that they were able to come together and think of all this stuff to honor me”, said LeMay.

The Shoreview, Minnesota native who has the entire sports community behind him is using prayer to help him push through his recovery.

“That’s something that I feel really blessed about. That they were able to put aside whatever they are doing and take in interest in me and that’s something I have really found as a support for me to continue to get better”, said LeMay.

LeMay’s GoFundMe page has received over $14,000, from over 150 donors, which Athletic Director Franco Bari isn’t surprised about.

“Community is a cornerstone of what we do and to see it come to life is very exciting to me and it’s genuine and it’s real”, said Bari.

It’s often said when a traumatic life event like this happens to someone, they are given a second chance at life, and for LeMay, that certainly is the case.

“It’s just taking a step back and breathing for a second, understand your alive and you are doing well is something I have found a treasure in during my time off and be able to think more about that. Every second is a gift, and you have to spend them while you got them sort of thing”, said LeMay.

Rehab continues for LeMay, but his sights are set on one day returning to the gridiron or baseball field.

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