Minnesota Officials Continue Fight Against PolyMet Proposals

Former MN Gov. Arne Carlson joins Duluth leaders in speaking out against PolyMet.

DULUTH, Minn.- Former Minnesota governor Arne Carlson and some Duluth officials raised their voices outside city hall Monday to continue their fight against the proposed PolyMet copper nickel mine on the Iron Range.

In honor of the first day of climate awareness week, these Minnesota officials are doing what they can to make sure Northlanders understand of how they could be affected by the mine.

They are asking for transparency.

Former governor Arne Carlson says his concern with the proposed PolyMet mine and dam is the corporation’s lack of community involvement.

He says people don’t understand how downstream communities could potentially feel effects from the project’s Hoyt Lakes location.

“We’re being denied the right to have a public hearing from people who have nothing but PolyMet people working for them. PolyMet is extraordinarily well represented, but who, pray tells, represents the people?” Carlson asked.

Duluth for Clean Water, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and city councilor Gary Anderson spoke in agreement with governor Carlson.

Anderson said it’s time to elevate what they think could happen if the PolyMet mine permit is passed by getting higher officials to speak out.

“The first person that I’d really like to see the reaction from is from governor Walz. Governor Walz really has the power to investigate all of the permits, not just the three that has already been stayed, but all of the permits to make sure that there has been full transparency from the beginning of this process right through any proposed mine action,” Anderson said.

Over the past few years, PolyMet has obtained most all of the major federal and state permits needed for the project and the company has said all environmental concerns would be addressed.

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