Animal Allies Holds Free Microchip Clinic

Microchips can help get your lost pet home in minutes.

DULUTH, Minn.- Northlanders who need their pets microchipped got to do so for free thanks to animal allies and the Irving Country Club Tuesday.

They hosted a free chip clinic at the Evergreen Senior Center on Grand Avenue in Duluth.

Winter is a common time for animals to get chipped, because people bring in strays so they don’t get cold.

Veterinarians say it’s quick and easy, and could help return your pet home safely if it gets lost.

“Those tags and collars can come off so they can get stuck and fall off they can often slip their collar. A microchip they can’t get out of,” said Lindsay Niemi, Practice Manager at Animal Allies.

Microchips have been proven to bring lost pets home from the shelter in minutes.

“They come in to the shelter as a stray for example, we do a simple scan, their microchip number pops up and we can get them back home within minutes honestly,” Niemi said.

It costs only $25 normally to get your pet microchipped at Animal Allies.

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