UWS Students Demonstrate How To Get Honey From Bees

SUPERIOR, Wis. – If you are looking for the buzz on bees, well UWS–Superior has got it for you.

Students from a bee biology class performed a demonstration to show how honey is removed from the hives.

The honey is provided by bees from UWS’s Apiary, which is a place where bees are kept.

The bees have been making honey all summer long.

So far they have been able to make about 450 pounds of the golden goodness.

The honey harvested is later bottled and sold to the public.

The group also uses the wax to make lip balm and soaps.

The money raised helps fund a research program called the urban honey bee project, which looks into the decline of honey bees.

“With in the last couple of years honey bees in the world have perished,” said Natural Sciences Professor Dr. Edward Burkett. “Some of the research we do on campus is to determine the causes of that decline so that we can try to implement strategies to save the honey bees.

The urban honey bee project has 10 hives and each has about 50,000 bees.

That’s a total of more than 500,000 bees.

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