Ways Area Can Respond to Climate Crisis

A group in Duluth is looking to find ways the community can stop or mitigate climate change locally

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s a group in Duluth, that is looking to find ways the community can stop or mitigate climate change locally. Tuesday, that group launched a climate resolution emergency plan requesting action from Duluth City Council.

The United Nation’s Climate Science Body says we have approximately 10 years to reduce carbon output, and to reduce the temperature before it becomes dangerous for humans and ecosystems.

Just a transition to clean energy would minimize these disruptive impacts such as fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases, that would ultimately lower the net carbon emission here.

Gichi-Ode’ Akiing Park was filled with concerned community members backing the launch of this new plan and learning more about ways to protect the earth we live on, which organizers say is definitely possible.

We are smart. We are clever. We can do this. I think it’s important to start locally because we know people here. This is my #1 priority of what needs to be done in the next ten years, and I have a daughter and I want to see her living a good life, and for other kids too”, said Lisa Fitzpatrick, Duluth Climate Mobilization Member.

And speaking of kids, a young lady from Duluth East was in attendance Tuesday evening, making sure her and her friends have a safe environment to grow up in.

“This is really important that you act now because if it’s too late, it’s too late. My generation needs to become aware, we all need to really educate ourselves and see what we can do to help things, but also our parents listen to what we say and our parents have more influence than we do so the more young people, it’s kind of just like a domino effect”, said Amelia Wise, Duluth East freshmen.

Organizers say they are planning ways to go out into the community going door to door to let everyone in the Northland know ways they can all help out, such as reducing plastic use, composting, and recycling more.

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