Haunted Shack Looking for Spooky Volunteers

At least 50 volunteers needed to help make the haunted attraction a success.

CARLTON, Minn.- The Haunted Shack and Haunted Ridge are looking for more spooky characters to join in scaring the people of the Northland.

“Just having fun scaring people, it’s really fun,” said Volunteer Coordinator Julie Schwarzkopf.

The demand is bigger this year as the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship will once again not be in the Minnesota Slip.

“It did boost our numbers a little bit last year,” Schwarzkopf said. “I’m hoping that it’ll boost it again this year.”

At least 50 volunteers are needed.

“We could use more, a lot more, it helps when it’s a lot because makes the night a lot more fun,” said Schwarzkopf.

Actors, monsters, line attendants, security and parking personnel and more helpers are required to run the haunted grounds.

The Shack provides all the costumes and makeup, and will work with your schedule.

Volunteering will also fulfill student community service hours, and Civic Engagement Requirements for Graduation.

To top it off, volunteers will be helping the Special Olympics, as that’s where proceeds from the Haunted Shack and Haunted Ridge go.

Volunteer sign up dates are Thursday September 26th, October 3rd and 10th and Friday October 4th from 6pm-8pm. Then Saturday September 28th and October 5th from 12-3, and Sunday September 29th and October 6th from 12-4.

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