UW-Superior Showcase Focuses on Transportation and Freight Issues


The University of Wisconsin–Superior hosted a unique showcase focused on issues related to transportation and freight.

The Northland has a great amount of freight traffic including the use of trucks, rail, and ships.

This showcase allows the agencies are trying to show the importance of how these forms of transportation can be critical for the twin ports.

The day long discussion explored ideas of how forms of transportation can work together to help improve the economy and the movement of goods.

It also highlighted the needs for the future of transportation in the twin ports.

Major road projects were big topics of concern including the replacement of the Blatnik Bridge and the Can of Worms construction project.

The Secretary of  the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, who also attended the showcase, believes it is important to address these issues to keep this unique port thriving.

“When it comes to transportation this is one of the most important in the region. not only in Wisconsin but in the country you have Enbridge that brings in a quarter of all imported oil that comes through the pipeline. We’ve got all the goods that come into our ports and through the rail. This region is a very important hub when it comes to transportation,” said Secretary Craig Thompson.

The fate of the Soo Locks also took priority.

some agencies are worried if the locks go down for any length of time it could directly impact the economy and the freight shipping industry in the Twin Ports.

Director of Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council  Ron Chicka said “The economic studies have shown that a downward spiral of local economy starts very quick.”

Chicka continues, “the goods have to flow through there if they cant ships arent going to move the goods and so industry stops.”

The Army Corp of Engineers are already working on deepening the Soo locks channel.

They are also working to get more funding to expand the locks, which could mean a future economic boom in the Twin Ports.


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