Railroad Officials Encourage People to “See Tracks, Think Train”

Rail Safety Week continues in the Twin Ports.

DULUTH, Minn.-On Thursday, the Lake Superior-Mississippi railroad and Operation Lifesaver presented the Twin Ports with an initiative they hope grab people’s attention near railroad crossings.

The initiative asks people if they see tracks, think train. The Twin Ports may see this catchy phrase more often in the coming months.

The phrase and logo is printed on a stencil that was given to Duluth law enforcement officials to help paint the reminder across the city.

In theory, if a person is distracted by their phones or looking down at the ground approaching a railroad track, they’ll see the painted stencil, stop and look for a train.

“It’s an unfortunate reality that complacency is one of the top three contributors to collisions and incidents that happen because we get so use to the tracks and we get so use to the crossings that we’re not always looking for the trains if we’re not expecting them to be there,” Operation Lifesaver executive director Sheryl Cummings said.

Vehicle collisions with trains have been at an all–time low in the state of Minnesota over the past few years.

“If nothing happens, we’ve succeeded. There are no accidents, nobody’s injured, there are no problems with that. If the railroad security personnel sees a reduction in trespassing, then I think we’ve succeeded,” LSMR president Joel Manns said.

Operation Lifesaver officials say it’s a myth that you will always see or hear a train approaching, which is why raising awareness is so important.

With the exception of the North Shore Scenic Railroad collission in recent months, there have been few incidents on Twin Ports tracks.

That’s something officials want to continue to see moving forward.

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