The 148th Fighter Wing Gets National Recognition

DULUTH, Minn. – Over 1,000 members make up the 148th Fighter Wing.

Thanks to their teamwork and dedication the members are being honored with two special military awards.

Many of them say it is a huge honor to be recognized.

The 148th was awarded with the 2019 Spaatz trophy from the National Guard Association of the United States.

The award is typically given to the overall outstanding flying unit in the National Guard.

Out of 90 wings and organizations in the U.S., the 148th was the one to walk away with the trophy.

“I think it shows the 148th win has a legacy of excellence. back from 1940’s,since we’ve been here flying fighters that we have had an awesome tradition. It’s a group of men and women who work hard day in and day out,” said Operations Commander Colonel Nathan Aysta.

The 148th also won the 2019 Air Force Association ‘s Outstanding Air National guard flying unit award for the most outstanding airmanship.

They previously received the accolade in 2006, 2009, and 2012.

One airman believes winning this award for a fourth time shows the quality of leadership in the 148th.

“It’s that constant thing where you know when we have really great people that retire, there are other people coming up the ranks taking over that mission,” said Installation Deployment Officer Brent Micken

“Its great to have that culture of excellence continuing whether people are retiring or new people coming in,” Micken continues.

In 2018, the 148th deployed nearly fifty percent of it’s members to more than five countries to help with special assignments.

Wing members also volunteered more than six thousand hours to support community events like the Duluth Air Show.

At the end of the award period the 148th had a retention rate of more than ninety percent.

Wing members say this is one of the many key contributions to helping them win both awards.

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