Northern Star: Alex Hanson

For this week's segment, we feature a Superior boys soccer captain who has big goals for his senior season.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Senior midfielder Alex Hanson never really thought about playing high school soccer.

“I started in about sixth grade. My parents got me in it. I played a lot in latchkey and stuff, and everybody said I was pretty good. I’m not super outgoing so they kind of forced me into it,” Hanson said.

But since then, Hanson has fallen in love with the sport and became one of the captains for the Spartans this year.

“If you go out there and try your hardest, they’ll feed off of your energy. Noah’s more of the vocal guy,” Hanson said.

“Even though he’s good, he’s always willing to learn something new. So you give him any suggestion and he’s willing to try something new, too. That leadership, that not that you have to be vocal, you have to work hard to make the rest of the team play at your level,” head coach Otto Berti said.

The Spartans are 10–1 to start the season, and Hanson is second on the team in points with eight goals and nine assists.

“You can pretty much play him anywhere and he’s going to stand out. He’s got a really good vision of the field. He has a good vision of good passing and where to go on the field,” Coach Berti said.

Over the years, Hanson has helped the team win, which has increased the popularity of soccer in Superior.

“The Superior soccer team used to be almost nothing, about 20 kids would try out. And every year we’ve been getting more and more players. Hopefully we can continue that and continue getting more numbers,” Hanson said.

And Hanson wants the success to continue and to represent the school the best way possible.

“The football team’s doing great, we’re doing great. There was a little competition between us to see who could stay undefeated the longest. It totally feeds into our energy. We don’t want to let our school down of course, but it’s mainly for us. We don’t want to let each other down,” Hanson said.

As the team continues to win during the season, one thing has always stayed the same: the Spartans have never won a playoff game. And Hanson and the rest of the seniors are ready to change the story.

“The team this year is special. We’re super motivated and we really think we can win a playoff game this year,” Hanson said.

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