Knowing Your Neighbors: The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Right in Cloquet

Himalayan Salt room at Epic Nutrition.

CLOQUET, Minn.- Kept in the back room of Epic Nutrition is a little piece of the Himalayas right here in the Northland.

“It’s a really cool different thing that’s here in Cloquet,” said Epic Nutrition Manager Heidi Pack. “The closest salt room is actually in like Roseville, Minnesota.”

“Y’know you don’t wanna drive all the way into Duluth all the time to try something new, and so Cloquet is really lucky to have this.”

A wall made of bricks of Himalayan salt lit up a soft pink hue create a warm atmosphere.

Meanwhile a lamp in the back grinds the salt into the air to do its magic.

“The salt is grind up really thinly into the air and basically you breathe it in and while you’re doing that it helps with like respiratory symptoms,” Pack said.

This type of healing is called Halotherapy.

It is said to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, while widening the airways for better breathing.

“It kinda sucks up all the gunk that’s inside and then just feeling a little bit like my chest isn’t as tight and my sinuses feel a lot better,” said Pack.

Not only does it help with breathing, but the salt sits on your skin, soaking in and helping it look clean, young and tight.

“It’s actually good for anybody from a newborn all the way up into the elderly. So really anybody can come into the room and just relax for 45 min and kinda detox your body.”

Crushed Himalayan salt strewn about the floor tickles your feet–a cherry on top of the calming experience.

“A lot of people will grab a shake and they’ll come in here with friends and just sit for 45 minutes.” Pack said.

And with winter coming, Pack said traffic to the Salt Room will only go up.

“Especially during the winter season just with colds and anything that goes on with that it’s really nice to come in here and really help out with those sicknesses that go on.”

A 45 minute session costs $20, and you can get up to 12 for $192. You can book online at Epic Nutrition’s website, or call at 218-879-0971.

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