Wisconsin Residents React to Overnight Flooding

FOXBORO, Wis. – Several roads across Douglas County had to be shut down because of high water.

“Two or three that remain closed. That’s for culvert related failure,” Interim Emergency Management Director, Dave Sletten says.

County highways like B and W in Foxboro experienced several washouts and residents are feeling the effects in their homes.

“It was overwhelming my subs,” Foxboro Resident, Brian Marmorine says.

For 27 year resident Brian Marmorine, this is the second flooding event he’s experienced in as many years.

“The crick behind me is normally dry, but as you can see, it’s overflowing,” Marmorine says.

The water is out of his basement, but the cleanup process has just begun. Meanwhile, a neighbor down the street says, all he can do is wait for the water to go down.

“We just let it recede over in the field over here. There’s a culvert that goes under the road. This will probably dry out as long as we don’t get any rain in the next day or two,” Foxboro Resident, John Strom says.

Strom doesn’t have a basement, but he is used to this happening after heavy rain.

Now that the storm has passed, officials are continuing to preach safety for people, and vehicles on the roads as the flooding threat continues.

“It’s really important that people stay back from streams, bridges- things where water will be moving,” Setten says.

Officials will continue to monitor road conditions overnight.

In particular, they worry Highway 2 in Superior could flood as the Nemadji River rises.

For updates on road closures, you can head over to the Douglas county website.

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