Area Businesses Impacted by Superior Bomb Scare

Businesses told by police to lock all doors and move to the back of the building.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior Police said the area surrounding the possible improvised explosive device on Tower Avenue was fairly easy to control because it was a business district.

Nearby businesses were still disrupted this morning as authorities investigated the device and had to close down the roads.

The scene was officially deemed safe around 2:30 this afternoon, when the Marathon Oneida County Bomb Squad removed and tested the device.

Authorities said the Bomb Squad made quick work of the possible improvised explosive device–an officer picking it up by hand before crews tested and removed it.

But before that, businesses in the area said they had no real idea what might happen right across the street.

“We actually observed a lady jogging across the street,” Jacob Barnaal said, “so she took off towards the fire department there after looking at this thing for like 10 seconds.”

The Assistant Manager at NAPA Auto Parts said they watched the incident unfold from the beginning.

“She booked it over to the fire department there and basically that’s where it kinda all started there.”

Staff at Grizzly’s Restaurant further down the road said customers started getting anxious before the Fire Chief came by to say things were under control.

“He reassured us that everything is safe, it’s good for us to be open, so it was a little bit of a scare to start but he reassured us everything was good,” said Tyler Plunkett, Assistant General Manager at the restaurant.

At NAPA, they watched from their store windows the crews and the robot rolling by to photograph the device.

However, when the bomb squad arrived and prepared to deal with the device, Barnaal saidĀ things intensified.

“Before they finally took the device or whatever it is they found off the road then they told everybody to lock the doors up front here, turn off all the lights and have all the employees move to the back of the, back of the building.”

The Bomb Squad arrived on the scene 4 hours after they were called to respond, driving up from Central Wisconsin.

Had the level of emergency been heightened, officers said they may have taken a different approach.

“Should there be an absolute emergency we can attempt to reach out to maybe a closer bomb squad,” said Bradley Jago, PIO for the Superior Police Department. “But really we utilize the Wisconsin resource first and that’s Marathon County.”

Authorities said the bomb squad determined the device was inactive when they arrived, but it could have been active at some point.

According to Superior Authorities their next step will be to look at security footage from around the area to determine if someone had placed the device there intentionally in front of the Fire Department Headquarters.

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