Bent Paddle Approaching ‘Growler Cap’

Bent Paddle has a strategic plan that hopes to allow them to sell growlers for at least two more years

DULUTH, Minn.- As Castle Danger Brewery in Two Harbors hits the cap on growler sales for this year, bent paddle is also approaching the cap, mandated by the state.

It’s all because of a Minnesota la that says once a brewery produces more than 20,000 barrels in a year those breweries are prohibited from selling the 64 ounce growlers to take home from the taproom.

However, for Bent Paddle in Duluth, they put a strategic plan together a few years back to help avoid hitting the cap like Castle Danger.

“One of our biggest decisions was to invest into this taproom space and also into our pilot brewery. And what that does is that brings our consumers from the market and customers from the market and our friends in to visit us here to try a different beer, beer they can’t necessarily buy on the market”, said Pepin Young, Director of Taproom Operations at Bent Paddle.

Republican Senator Karen Housley of St. Marys Point has started a petition, asking Governor Tim Walz and lawmakers to raise or eliminate the ‘growler cap’. Lobbying groups against all of this have said it would negatively affect liquor stores and distributors.

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