Essentia Health Purchases New Property

Essentia Health bought five properties Monday, but no plans are set on what the land will be used for

DULUTH, Minn.- Essentia Health has made a strategic investment in plans for the future regarding their $800 million dollar expansion, which it recently broke ground on. Essentia Health just bought five properties to build on, all of which are currently residences.

Plans aren’t set in stone yet, but Essentia Health says it bought the five properties to build a new parking ramp for its “Vision Northland” project.

Essentia has purchased two duplexes, one triplex, and two small apartment buildings all along the 300 block of East 1st Street in Duluth. The people who live there now will need to relocate ahead of the homes being bulldozed, and Essentia Health is offering to help them with the transition.

Essentia Health leadership says the location was why they wanted to scoop those properties up.

“These are so strategic given the location right next to the new 800 million dollar investment that it’s the main reason we looked at these properties to purchase and have them under Essentia”, said Mark Hayward, Essentia Health Senior Vice President of Operations.

Over the next two years, both East 1st Street, and Fourth Avenue East will be shut down while the 340 foot tall “Vision Northland” project is build. Those blueprints include an 18 story hospital tower that will replace the current St. Mary’s Hospital.

Essentia employees say the project will help them provide better care once the hospital opens in the fall of 2022. Next month, Essentia Health will demolish one of its parking ramps which has 483 spots to build the new hospital and clinic. That creates the priority for a new parking ramp that patients, visitors, and staff can use that much higher.