All Natural, Eco-Friendly Grooming Service Opens in Superior

All Natural Canines is Located at 1308 Tower Avenue in Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Dogs, cats, rabbits, and even birds.

It sounds like a handful, but for one business owner in Superior, it’s her clientele.

Some could say there are new doggies in one window along Tower Avenue in Superior.

“Dogs are my main passion,” said Amy Mundt, owner of All Natural Canines Pet Grooming in Superior.

The longtime resident of Ashland recently chose to move in to a vacant business space, and open a shop to provide all natural grooming services for animals in the Twin Ports.

“We had some skin allergies on ourselves at home so we learned how to make our own soaps and that kind of thing,” said Mundt.

This hands on experience from the past is now helping pets feel comfortable, and owners more health concious during a day at the spa.

“In the past I was not all natural because I was not knowledgeable on that type of thing,” said Mundt. “The oils I would use on my clippers would sometimes get on the dog’s skin and cause rashes or irritation.”

Mundt is a passionate pet owner. She opens the business with a wealth of knowledge in the animal kingdom.

“Starting from childhood I have been around animals my entire life. My dad had a hobby farm and turned that into a zoo,” said Mundt.

She currently has nine dogs of her own, but it’s not holding her back from expanding the developing business.

“I am hoping to add in a fair amount of retail as time goes on,” said Mundt. “I’m also hoping to get some food supplies in as well as a variety of natural supplies.”

Mundt makes all of the products she uses on her furry or feathered clients. From essential oils to natural ingredients, everything on the shelves is pet friendly and environmentally sustainable.

“For my disinfectants, I don’t use bleach. I make my own with alcohol which is just as effective but it doesn’t have all the bleach and you’re not breathing in the smell,” said Mundt. “I have a wound cream that I use a lot of at home with nine dogs; they’re outside a lot and getting scrapes.”

It’s her style and practice in which she hopes will set her business apart from competitors in the region.

“I hope that I have more experience and more knowledge than the average groomer at PetSmart or Petco,” said Mundt. “I’ve been around animals my entire life; I think I can pick up on a lot of their behaviors.”

Mundt recommends bringing in double coated breeds in the Fall. She says it’s important for their overall health to have a good bath and fresh grooming practices done before chilly weather blankets the Northland.

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