Duluth International Airport Working with Public in Noise Study

Crews go out to test sound in neighborhoods in November.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth International Airport is looking at how noise from its operations affects nearby communities by asking the public directly.

Officials worked with nearby residents to identify where the most noise can be heard so they can go out in November and test the noise levels in those areas.

Airport leadership will take what they find to try to implement ways to reduce the impacts of loud planes taking off and landing near neighborhoods.

“So dispersing of flights, to different areas that way there’s no one neighborhood that’s getting all of the noise, all the over flights,” said Jesse Baker, Project Manager with the overseeing firm: Landrum & Brown Inc. “And we can also look into actual physical structures on the airfield itself so the building of hush houses for any type of maintenance run–up areas.”

The study is expected to take up to two years and is funded by the FAA.

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