Duluth Man Facing 4 Burglary Charges Arrested On Suspicion of 5th

DULUTH, Minn. — Duluth police have made what they are calling a “significant” burglary arrest of a Duluth man already charged with four other burglaries from earlier this year.

Kyle Carl, 25, was arrested Wednesday for one of three September burglaries at Duluth Cider brewery on West Superior Street in Lincoln Park.

This comes as Duluth police continue investigating burglaries last month at nearby Vintage Italian Pizza on Sept. 18, Ursa Minor Brewing Sept. 21, and Marshall Construction Services on Sept. 23 and 30.   Duluth Cider was burglarized on Sept. 9, 12 and 17.  Carl was arrested for the burglary that happened on the 12th.

Police Lt. Jeff Kazel reminds businesses to try to avoid becoming a target by using solid lighting and more.

“You can put signs up that you have an alarm company. I’m a big believer in having camera systems, making sure it’s a good quality camera that you can pick up things,” Kazel said.

Kazel also said it’s helpful when companies photograph items of significant value and document those items’ serial numbers to help investigators with retrieval and building a case against a suspect.

Before Wednesday’s arrest, Carl was on supervised pretrial release for the four 2019 burglary charges.

Those crimes happened at Zen House May 18, Carmody Irish Pub Jun. 28, Fitment Group July 15, and U.S. Bank downtown July 22.

The criminal complaints say Carl admitted to three of those burglaries, saying he traded the stolen items for drugs and was on meth at the time.  He pleaded not guilty to the Zen House burglary, according to court documents.

Police say the public is encouraged to report any further information known on these crimes to the Duluth Police Property Financial Crimes Unit at 218-730-5160.

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