With Frost Expected to Hit the Northland, Greenhouses Warn to Cover Plants

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Parts of the Northland could soon see scattered frost, so gardeners may want to cover their plants, or bring them into a garage or house.

Tomatoes and peppers have to be brought inside before frost strikes, but some plants like cabbages can handle the cold.

Larry Stute, the greenhouse manager at Engwall’s Florist in Hermantown, tells us the frosts that kill plants are happening later in the fall than they used to.

“But even if we don’t frost and it’s cool and dark and rainy, the plants start to go dormant because they’re sensitive to the length of the days and our days are getting shorter now,” said Stute.

He says you still have time to work the soil in your garden before the ground freezes this winter.

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