10-Year-Old Puts Together Winter Clothing Drive

Cold weather is settling in here in the Northland, and with it comes the need for additional warmer clothes

DULUTH, Minn.- Cold weather is settling in here in the Northland, and snow has already fallen in some parts of the region. In honor of winter on the way, a Duluth clothing drive was held to make sure people are staying warm during the frigid season.

About a month ago, 10 year old Chloe Carr told her mom she wanted to help people in her community. Fast forward to today, and her dream became true as bags filled a truck with donated coats, hats, and gloves to help those in need stay warm during the long winter months.

The 10 year old has always wanted to give back. She even once told her mom she wanted to get rid of her Christmas presents to give to the less fortunate. Her mother said no, but this time was a different answer.

“It’s been something I have always just wanted to do. It touches me to see people when we are outside people are outside so it’s really amazing to see how far we have got with this”, said Carr.

Ogston’s Body and Paint hosted the event, Life 97.3 and Bonnie Jacobson over at Farmer’s Insurance also helped put this event on. Chole’s mother, Tara, still can’t believe her daughter played such a big role in putting this event on to bring the community together.

“It takes a lot of hard work but it is amazing to see the affects afterwards of all the bags and all the kids who will be warm. It’s amazing to see everybody in the community come together and help each other out that way even if fifty more hands are warm that’s better than what it was before”, said Aase.

New or gently used winter apparel donations will still be accepted through the next couple of weeks at Ogston’s Paint and Body on Central Entrance in Duluth, as well as Bonnie Jacobson’s Farmer’s Insurance Office inside Fitger’s.

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