Gov. Walz Visits DFL Dinner in Honor of Late Congressmen

Congressmen Jim Oberstar and Tom Rukavina were honored at the annual dinner.

DULUTH, Minn. – DFL politicians came together to honor Congressmen Jim Oberstar and Tom Rukavina at the fifth annual Oberstar dinner at the Holiday Inn.

Governor Tim Walz was also on hand with comments after a day spent in Duluth.

Gov. Walz spoke about moving the party forward in the next election and about the impact Congressmen Oberstar and Rukavina had on the community.

“These folks were known for their incredible legislative skills they were also both fighters. They were personalities that were bigger than the room they were in a lot of times. But they were fighting for the people they represented. Their names will go on forever they’re part of who we are so northern Minnesota has that identity,” said Gov. Walz.

The political dinner also served as a rallying cry going into the next election.

“Our eighth district is a significant battleground for Minnesota and our congressional district is historically DFL and we are looking to fight fight and win it back in 2020. So we are excited to have folks like the governor here to honor our late congressman Jim Oberstar,” said Gov. Walz.

He also said the people of Northern Minnesota are very engaged politically and the two late congressmen exemplified what it means to give people your word and follow through as an elected official.