Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department Grants Wish, Child Becomes Cop for a Day

HAYWARD, Wis. – Nolan Bearheart has all energy of a boy his age around the house.

“He loves to play crash the police cars. We have tons of police cars. He smashes them. He’s definitely a typical four–year–old boy when it comes to that,” Nolan’s Mother, Courtney Bearheart says.

But Nolan has a rare gene mutation- known as Lamin A/C Muscular Dystrophy- that thins the walls of his heart, and limits him physically.

“He knows that his legs aren’t as strong as others. He can’t run, he can’t jump,” Bearheart says.

Despite these obstacles, the Hayward resident has dreamed of becoming a police officer like his parents.

“With Nolan’s mother and father both being in law enforcement, I can see where his interest in law enforcement is greater. It’s sure a great part to be involved in the process of supporting him and his goals,” Sawyer County Sheriff, Douglas Mrotek says.

So today, he left the toys at home and got the chance to sit inside the real thing.

“It’s really nice to see when things come together like this and the community comes together and is really involved,” Bearheart says.

“You have to be proud, I mean for sure.”

Nolan was made a junior police officer, complete with the uniform and the badge.

The day wasn’t over, Nolan got to ride in a squad car, an m–wrap swat vehicle, and he was welcomed by nine different K9 handlers and their dogs.

“I think watching the smile on his face, and the interaction with law enforcement and the family, I think it’s meant a lot to him and been a great day for Nolan,” Mrotek says.

With help from the non–profit organization Kids Wish Network, there was one last surprise left.

“They are going to give you and your family a trip to Disney World.”

“It was way more than what we could have asked for and what we could have expected. For him, it was something that he really needed and it was really good to see him smile and have fun,” Bearheart says.



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