Duluth Fire Department Talks Kitchen Fire Prevention

DULUTH, Minn. – As part of fire prevention week here in the Northland, the local Duluth fire department put on a demonstration and gave some tips on the best ways to prevent kitchen fires.

Officials say, the main cause of kitchen fires is lack of attention.

“People who are cooking something and then they get distracted for whatever reason. Whether it’s the phone ringing, something on the TV that catches their eye or the doorbell or whatever. They lose track of time,” Interim Deputy Chief, Marnie Grondahl says.

Grease is a common accelerant, and the best way to put that fire out may be easier than you’d expect.

“Put a lid on it. Turn the burner off and let the pan sit there for ten to fifteen minutes until it’s completely cooled,” Grondahl says.

Other measures to take are keeping your cooking area clear, and making sure you have a working smoke alarm.

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